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This community does exactly what it says on the tin! It's a community for music-lovers to share each others files! You can post links to that special song that you think will change EVERYONES life like it has your own. You can also post album reviews, gig reviews, or any kind of information relating to your favourite band.
Another great thing to do would be to post your soulseek login-name. If you haven't got soulseek and you are still using Kazaa(you TWAT), go here - htttp://www.slsknet.org , download the software and ye shall find your future mp3 searches to be more fruitfull. :D We are going to create one big file-sharing massive! WOOH!

I do not mind shameless plugging of any kind. Have a song YOU made that you want us to hear? Post it SEVEN TIMES and no less. Seven times on one entry, mind, I think seven entries is pushing the boat out a little on free speech.

Rules? THERE ARE NO RULES! Well, maybe ONE. Don't be a strictly-metal/punk/ska/emo/rawk/roar/ISAIDROAR-only bore. For fuck sake. Get some of that funky shit in your lives and DANCE, DANCE MOTHERFUCKER, DANCE! copyright violent femmes. VARIETY is a wonderfull thing.

Other than that you are free to roam. Be nice to each other, and don't bother drunken_mynci with any petty nit-picking complaints. You will have to be a real grannie-castrating terrorist to suffer my wrath(unless i am on my period or something like that, but that would only be short-term wrath). Have you tried grannie-castrating lately? Its tough work, and not just for the obvious reasons.

Got something to add to the interest list? Comment on a post and i will happily oblige! Failing that send me an email, typed in ANGRY CAPITALS!