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You might care to read this... [May. 4th, 2006|08:37 pm]

Save the Internet: Click here

From Moveon.org;

"Congress is now pushing a law that would end the free and open Internet as we know it. Internet providers like AT&T and Verizon are lobbying Congress hard to gut Network Neutrality, the Internet's First Amendment and the key to Internet freedom. Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from choosing which websites open most easily for you based on which site pays AT&T more. So Amazon doesn't have to outbid Barnes & Noble for the right to work more properly on your computer."

Your favorite websites may be affected, including your own blogs and message boards!

More Info.
How this affects YOU


How can you help?

  • Sign the petition to congress
  • Call Congress
  • Visit the Coalition's MySpace Profile
  • Coalition's Website
  • Find out where your Representative stands <--nifty graphics

    WE need to save Internet freedom!!
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    yo ho ho.. [Feb. 14th, 2006|03:54 pm]

    could anyone direct me to getting a recording of "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum"? you know the pirate song
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    (no subject) [Dec. 17th, 2005|12:59 pm]

    neon_sign on soulseek. different variations of audio listening.
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    (no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2005|11:19 pm]

    So, I'm new, and I come bearing theoretically life changing songs.

    Suburban Legends - ska/pop outta SoCal. Amazing live - they have choreographed dances and their horn section does backflips. This is my favorite song of theirs.
    Bright Spring Morning - Suburban Legends

    Swing cover of an OpIv song. Pretty swing dance-able, too. Yeah, I actually tried... lol.
    Sound System - Cherry Poppin' Daddies

    And just to shake it up - favorite song of all time, ever, period. Pinhead Gunpowder is more well-known as BIllie Joe Armstrong's side band but it also features Aaron Cometbus of Crimpshrine/the Cometbus 'zine.
    MPLS Song - Pinhead Gunpowder
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    (no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2005|07:15 pm]
    polilla_lunar on soulseek.
    i have a variety of music just waiting to be downloaded. ;)
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    (no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2005|03:05 pm]
    [mood |hopefulhopeful]
    [kicking beats |Coma White - Marilyn Manson]

    I was just wondering if anyone here has Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals. I just need the last track, track 15. My copy is too damaged to copy that track to my computer. And since it's untitled, it's been really hard to find on any of my downloaders. If you have it contact me here by leaving a comment. Thanks.

    P.S. I lost my SoulSeek account stuff so now my soulseek ID is laMort Cramoisie. Feel free to browse my many files.
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    face first [Jun. 25th, 2005|12:39 pm]

    well im trying to find some mp3s by this band called face first they a re a band out of new orleans fast street punk kinda stuff. the only probablem is is that the only recordings ive heard of them having is this 7 inch http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=56115& and a tape i can never find. i would buy the 7 inch but i have no record player. and i would LOVE MP3s. SO I BEG IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN GET SOME I WOULD LIKE THEM

    srry its cross posted
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    (no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2005|08:57 pm]


    Murcof - _mir
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    It's not new, but if you've never heard Murcof, you are missing something special...

    jen, barcelona
    el senyor Corona té molta classe, la seva música és capaç de deixar-te la ment en blanc i només buscar el ritme. hi han sons que semblen no tenir explicació, com molts dels sons de la natura. incredible.

    ling bo China
    it is haunting , get hook by the electronic sound and the deep cello. quite a fresh sound to laptop music scene. jia you o!

    Tranquilisa - Edge
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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    (no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2005|09:53 pm]
    Welcome to the community all. Here are some songs that have been floating my boat recently. Add "toasted rayman spawn" to soulseek for more (music collection on PC will be a bit shit until i can afford a bigger hard drive.)

    By your side - Cocorosie

    Mr Scruff - Shanty town

    Dillinger - Crankface

    Cut chemist - A peek in time(ft dj nu markI
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    Talk Talk [Apr. 7th, 2005|11:56 am]

    Hi, I'm...actually who am I? Not sure about that.

    More mp3s on my site..."enjoy"!

    Animal Collective feat. Vashti Bunyan - It's You
    Hey. Independent music that doesn't sound like Indie music. I like this too.
    Features a folk legend who once walked from Kent to Cumbria without any shoes I think...(?)
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